Pop Pop Boat

pop pop boat

As a kid, did you ever make or own a pop pop boat? Before you start laughing your head off, hear me out. This boat taught me the basics of thermodynamics. I mean, real basics. However, it was a fun activity for me to do with my friends and family!

When I was given my first pop pop boat, I was the happiest kid on the block. I found the whole concept fascinating! It not only teaches the child a thing or two, it is also great fun!

The boat is called a ‘pop pop’ boat due to the sound it makes when moving on water. Although there are quite a few variations of the boat, I find the tea light version the easiest to make.

If you fancy a nice spring or summer day out in your garden pond or paddling pool, make this boat and have a great time! Please be careful whilst putting it together and make sure you don’t cut yourself!

I found this amazing video on YouTube by Dave Hax. This is by far the best tutorial I have come across in my research. Enjoy!

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