First week into motherhood

I can’t wait to be a mother!

Those were the words that popped into my mind every time I saw a mother and child. I thought I was going to an amazing mummy! I thought I would pop my baby out and the world would just be so amazing from day 1. Well, how wrong I was. Even after extensive research into motherhood, nothing can prepare you for the day to day happenings that occurred.

If you read my labour story, then you know how bringing my baby girl into this world was a bumpy ride. The first 24 hours were hazy ( thanks to the anesthetic I was under ) but I was conscious enough to accept visitors, eat, drink, urinate ( trust me, this is VERY important after a c section and the catheter does all the hard work for you) and most importantly, feed my girl.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out my body had prepared enough Colostrum. Although I had a hard time getting the latch right a couple of times, the midwives really helped and I was able to feed Eloise without any problems. I had to use a syringe a couple of times though, just to make sure baby had enough to eat. Once I figured out how my nipples worked, I was confident enough to start my breastfeeding journey. All within a few hours of delivering!

The first day was a hazy one, I still couldn’t move the lower part of my body the way I used to be able to. The anaesthetic was wearing off very slowly. I had meals brought to me by my loving husband and the caring hospital staff. Eloise was under constant observations and blood tests were done several times a day to check her blood sugar levels as I had gestational diabetes. I prayed she wouldn’t have to deal with the disease at such an early age or ever for that matter. By day 2, the feeling in my legs returned and the catheter was out.

I couldn’t wait to get off the bed and walk around after the first 24 hours. I just wanted to be a ‘super mom’ and prove I can do this! Albeit the midwives kept telling me to take it easy, I really wanted to be home in my own bed. So I set myself a mission to get moving, feeding baby and start getting my internal organs working again. Simple things like passing gas are super difficult after an emergency C section. I remember walking to the loos in extreme pain. It is very important you wee, poop and fart properly. This is something the midwives and doctors will tell you on a constant basis to ensure your body is trying to get back to its normal functions. That’s some TMI out of the way.

As soon as I knew baby was okay and my catheter was out, I wanted to go home and literally discharged myself out of the hospital. GUYS, DO NOT DO THIS! I am an absolute moron for doing this. I mean it, I really am. I came home too early. Even though the doctors said all was well with me and baby, it was too early. I should have listened to the doctors and midwives and taken the time to rest.

Two days later, we were back at the hospital. Our little girl had developed Jaundice. Not something she was born with, something that showed up later in the blood tests our midwife did. It was scary, painful, and mostly, heartbreaking to see my little girl under the light.

48 hours later, we got the good news that things were on the mend. So we headed home and midwives continues doing blood tests every other day to make sure things stayed that way. Things were going to get better.

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