Breast Pump Review – 5 Reasons Why I Love Medela Breast Pump

I could talk about how amazing my breast pump is, all day and night. Seriously, I don’t usually do product reviews, but after using the Medela Swing Breastpump for the last 5 months, I can honestly vouch for it. Not only is the pump incredibly easy to use, it does all the work for you!

Here are 5 reasons why I love this breast pump so much.

1. Amazing suction

It offers 10 different suction settings so you are in total control of what level works for you. You can always start on a low setting and make your way up if needed.

2. Let down feature

The pump pretty much does everything for you. Including a massage feature that encourages a let down before moving on to the pumping stage. You can skip this step if you want to. I have used it with and without the feature depending on how full of milk I am.

3. Easy cleaning

Everything comes apart very easily to wash and sterilise. No fiddly bits to tackle!

4. Battery operated

It takes 4 x AA batteries but they last an incredibly long time! However, you also have the option of using it with the mains adapter.

5. Lightweight & portable

This is my favourite bit. It works so well, I can use it anywhere I want! Standing, sitting or even walking!

I haven’t used the teats that come with the pump as my little girl didn’t quite get on with them. Then again, most babies decide what teat is best for them, I think. It also comes with a bottle stand, breast shield, bag and sling.

Having used a manual pump, I am extremely thankful to my mother in law for gifting me this electric one. It has really made my life a lot easier!

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