Bohemia in St Neots

St Neots is a small town with not a whole lot to offer. So every time a new place opens up, people flock to it to try it out and in most cases, leave a positive review. However, there are times when all the positive reviews just don’t live up to the hype.

I recently visited Bohemia for cocktails on a night out. Friendly reception by the security guards and also the bar staff. I gotta say, I gave them two stars because I felt the bartender did a fantastic job with our cocktails. If it weren’t for them, I would have given it 0 stars.

It was packed as I expected, and as there were no tables left in the bar area, we were told that we could sit outside the restaurant. The way to the outside area is through the restaurant. My brother went and checked for tables and luckily, there were some free. So I followed him and we sat down while my husband was at the bar waiting for our cocktails.

After a while, my husband comes back with one of our cocktails and as he goes back in the restaurant to get to the bar, the lady (manager, I guess) stops him in the doorway and tells him he is causing a nuisance by going back and forth. Let me clarify, this is the first time we went there and the first time my husband came through the restaurant. Once we got to the table, we didn’t move. She wouldn’t let him finish his sentence and loudly kept telling him that she can bring cocktails to the table or he can walk out of the bar, on the street and through the alleyway to get back to the table. Instead of coming through the restaurant. If she was polite and courteous in the way she spoke, this would have not been a problem at all. Her demeanor was the real issue here.

Once my husband did have a chance to speak, he advised her that our drinks were being made at the bar and he was just going to collect them. At this point, she stopped shouting at him and most of the restaurant were staring at them. I have no idea why she felt the need to humiliate a customer in the doorway. He then returned with our drinks by leaving the bar through the bar entrance and walking with the cocktail glasses on the street and into the outside seating area.

For my first time after hearing a lot of positive and some negative comments, I decided to give this place a try and am saddened to report that it was not what I expected. If it weren’t for that one woman, this would be worth visiting. I would say the decor is lovely and so are the cocktails. I hear the food is good too. It is a very small venue and for the only ‘trendy’ place in town, it’s not too bad.

If you’re planning on visiting for drinks, make sure you avoid the restaurant.

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