Toddler Activities

Toddler Activities During Self Isolation

With Covid-19 causing havoc in our lives, I thought I will put this list together for you. Some of these things I already do with Eloise but others are totally new to me! I hope you find them useful 🙂 
To make life easier, I have split the activities into age groups ❤
Before you try any of the activities, make sure you are happy with them and your little one is comfortable/confident with the things involved. 


2-3 Year Olds


Catch These Clues for an Indoor Treasure Hunt


The next time bad weather keeps the grandchildren indoors, try this indoor treasure hunt.
Pick and choose from these clues, or create your own.



10 Play Dough Activities for Toddlers


Once your child no longer puts items in his or her mouth, you can try out one of these 10 play dough activities for toddlers!
Great fun for kids all ages!



Shaving Cream Activity Tray


Messy, sensory play at its best! Shaving cream is great for sensory exploration and provides endless opportunities for children to play and discover.



25+ Number Games for Toddlers (and Preschoolers!)


Easy number games for toddlers are a fun way to expose them to number recognition and counting. Playful, hands-on learning for the home!



Easy & Cute Apple Crafts for Kids to Create


Perfect apple crafts for fall! I can’t wait to do these at home!



Toddler Friendly Peel and Stick Tape Art | Hands On As We Grow®


Make art with tape! Try this cool and different tape art activity that builds in fine motor work, too!



Fine Motor Activity to Keep Kids Busy When You Need It


Keep kids busy with a super simple fine motor activity that’s a snap to set up!



10 Simple Recipes To Introduce Your Toddler To Baking | Play Like Mum


Cooking is great fun for children of all ages, even toddlers!


4-5 Year Olds


Where’s Teddy? A Hide and Seek Game for Pre-Schoolers


Toddlers and pre-schoolers love playing hide and seek. Part of the appeal is they are still internalizing the concept of object permanence.



30 Cool Face Painting Ideas For Kids – Hative


Face painting is always a hit with kids.
Super heroes, princess, fairies, tigers and cats are all favorites.



BBC – Gardening – Gardening with children:


Bring the joy of gardening to your children with gardening activities and knowledge.



How to Make an Amazing Blanket Fort


Grab some sheets, blankets, clothes pin and use these tips and tricks for how to build the best blanket fort ever!



Easy and Free Beginning Letter Sound Match


Need an easy beginning letter sound review? Check out this free alphabet activity. All you need is the printable, magnetic letters, and a cookie tray.



6 Ways to Make Yoga Fun for Children Ages 3-6


Teaching kids yoga can be difficult but also really rewarding! Here are a ton of great, solid tips to make yoga fun for your little yogis aged 3-6.



How Does a Paper Cup Phone Work?


Paper cup phones work by transmitting sound vibrations over a tightly-pulled string. The bottom of the cup is a simple microphone and speaker.



Science for kids – Great science experiments for kids


Great science experiments for kids, includes colour mixing with jelly, density activities, measuring and more great science experiments


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