Fun things to do with kids this summer!


Hooray! The joy of sunshine and family time is here again and like many parents who choose to stay in the UK for summer, you will find this list of fun activities to do with your children handy. To make life easier for you, I have split them up into age groups. However, feel free to mix things up and choose what works best for you and your family.

6 months -2 year olds
Yes, yes, I hear you and your cries of pain from breastfeeding and sleepless nights. If you feel you have the mental strength to go out and face the world, go for it as it will do you and baby good! Here are some of the best ideas I have come across.

  1. Farmers Market
    Wait, there is a reason for this. Not only are you walking around with other humans the same size as you, you can use the time to teach your baby colours and shapes! Yes, whilst you stock up on your healthy food items, you could be helping your little one learn about the different produce around you and their names.
  2. Water Play
    Head over to your local community pool or a play fountain. Here in Bristol, we have one just in front of @Bristol Science Centre and I am yet to see an unhappy infant or toddler playing with an adult.
  3. Picnic 
    If you have a dog like I do, you will probably enjoy this one the most and even take your partner along! Also, if you have multiple kids, nothing is more fun than a picnic in the park with a football and some friends or family. I remember spending hours with my nephews when they were little doing just that. Such fun times!
  4. Walk
    Best done towards the end of the day. A nice relaxing walk along the river or park with your baby. Extra brownie points for wearing a sling where possible. Take your time and soak in the views around you for that extra level of relaxation.

3 – 6 year olds
As well as some of the ideas above, you can be assured your child is bound to enjoy these fun activities.

  1. Fun Fair
    Show me a child that does not enjoy a good fun fair. If not the rides, the games are sure to win their little hearts. There is always a fun fair or two in most British towns, so get on Google and find one near you.
  2. Head to the beach!
    A beach is a fun place for children as well as adults in the summer. Make up a small picnic basket with your favourite drinks to avoid waiting in the long queues at cafes or food stalls and dust off that beach ball you’ve had in your shed for god knows how long.
  3. Zoo
    Some of you may be lucky enough to have an animal farm or zoo near you. If so, make the most of it. Children of all ages enjoy being around animals and learning new things. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after petting animals.

6 years olds and above

  1. Fly a kite
    In the words of Mary Poppins, ‘Let’s go fly a kite!’. There are so many kites you can buy on Amazon or even make your own by following the instructions here.
  2. Fruit picking
    The reason I have put this under 6 year olds and above is because I have witnessed quite a few cheeky children eating berries as they pick. Nothing wrong with a small one to taste, but you have to remember the hard work these farms have put in to make this activity available to you and your family. I really love this website for all the pick your own farms in the country.
  3. Party!
    Do you know quite a few children in your neighbourhood and their parents? Why not throw a street party or even a garden party? Ask each parent to bring snacks or drinks and put everything together on a table for everyone to enjoy. If you don’t know your neighbours, this is your golden opportunity to get to introduce yourself.


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