DIY – Build your own kite!

As a kid, I tried a few different styles of making a good kite. My parents often found me with the neighbourhood boys (there weren’t any girls that enjoyed kite flying like I did, sadly) at the seaside flying kites. We had competitions between us to figure out who had the best kite and could fly it the best. I would say I was pretty good at it, but my older cousins were way better than I was. Didn’t stop me from trying to beat them though! 🙂

Here is a list of some great instructions I found online. My favourite has got to be the Sainsbury’s one. It uses the same technique I used as an 8 year old. Hope you and your children enjoy flying a kite just as much as I did!

Paper Kite

Simple Kite

A more complex kite 

Plastic Kite

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