Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We are only days away from Father’s Day! And I am soooo excited! It will be the first time my darling husband gets to celebrate Father’s Day. Last year, he wasn’t very keen on the idea because it was still too early and we wanted to wait until our lovely daughter was in our arms to celebrate. Which means, I have had the great pleasure of pulling my hair out trying to find something for the first time daddy in the family. Luckily, a whole load of research in the middle of the night has paid off! I have compiled a list of some fantastic presents for all the dads out there. Let me know if you end up going for something from this list!

  1. Time
    Contrary to popular belief, the best present you can give to any father is time. Time to do whatever they want. The older they get the more they prefer to spend that time with their children. My dad enjoys playing card games and drinking beer with me. In fact, any sort of drinking, eating and board games is his ideal present. So, find that special thing you want to do with your dad and go for it! With or without any of your siblings.
  2. Experience Day
    How about getting him to try something new? Or even, something they always said they would do but didn’t get around to actually doing it. Have a look at Groupon or Wowcher, they always have crazy deals there.
  3. Keepsake
    A picture (memory) of the two of you in a small frame to go on his desk with words or dates engraved on the frame is always a great gift. A black and white baby and daddy picture is always a crowd pleaser. Special kudos if it has the dad looking all sentimental. There’s a picture of my father in law and my husband when he was a baby. Every time you look at that picture, you can almost feel the moment.
  4. Alcohol
    Most dads like a good tipple. Vodka? special case of beers? beer making kit? wine kit? wine club membership? So many choices! My suggestion would be to try going for some Japanese Whiskey, that stuff tastes really good! I give a thumbs up for Hakushu and Yamazaki. Here’s a good link to find out more about Japanese Whiskey.
  5. Novelty Gift
    Don’t laugh, novelty gifts may be like the last thing on your mind but there are some really cool things out there these days. I love Prezzybox and their father’s day selection of presents. You know your dad best, there will surely be something on there that will make him laugh 🙂
  6. Dinner 
    Where does your dad love eating the most? Or is there a particular cuisine he likes? Why not book a table at a restaurant of his choice? Split the bill with your mum and siblings this time hahah.
  7. BBQ
    Okay, I already said dinner. But if the dad in your life likes nothing more than a selection of yummy bbq meat and beers, this is a perfect gift for him! Get some balloons and decorations to dress up your garden. Surprise him by maybe inviting his fellow dad friends as well. Especially if you are doing this on a Saturday instead of Sunday, it will give everyone a chance to get merry and have a good old time without worrying about a hangover on a working day.

This is my short but sweet list of ideas for you and the dad in your life. Remember, fathers are not just made by blood, they are made by the bond they share with you. I am lucky to have a father that has always done his best for me. We definitely don’t agree on everything and have had our share of tussles. However, the older I get, the more I realise how great of a man he has been. The love-hate relationship we have is what makes our bond special. Since getting married, I have been truly lucky in finding an amazing father in law to also celebrate this special day with. He’s always there to offer his help and gets extra brownie points for being able to pretty much build anything or do any DIY work! And now, we add another super dad to the mix, my amazing husband, and daddy to Eloise. ❤

Here’s to all the dads out there! Thank you for being you. Happy Father’s Day.


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