Hot Water Challenge

Here we go again. Once more, I find myself scratching my head in utter confusion. It’s not been long since I wrote about the Tide Pod Challenge and here we are again, with another extremely dangerous so-called ‘trend’ circling us. I don’t understand why anyone would think messing around with hot water is fun. I simply don’t get it. Maybe, I am finally getting old, or just not hip enough to try something so stupid. I have to mention, this is not a new craze. The oldest video I heard of was from 2015. So, its been around a few years.

What is the ‘Hot Water Challenge’? 
Pretty simple, really. You take hot water and pour it on yourself or another person. Or in some cases, drink the hot water with a straw.

I am pretty sure most of you have facepalmed after reading that last sentence. I kid you not, this is actually a trend that is quickly becoming popular on YouTube. I am appalled to have come across news articles and videos of this challenge in action. Guys, if you read this, please, for the love of humanity, don’t try this at home and stop others as well. It is utter nonsense! The emotional and physical scars you get from this will be with you forever.


News articles for you to read:


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