Mini Beasts Week – Buggggs!

Okay, so we have ‘Mini Beasts’ week here in the Bennett household and Eloise is terrified of bugs! Anything that flies, especially. So this week is super important to me to teach her about the different insects around us and their part in our ecosystem.

Although I personally don’t like insects either, I am doing my best to help her get over her fears. Just like I helped her get over her fear of cows and Alexa (TBH, Alexa scares the Jeebus out of me too!).

photo of butterfly on flower

To ease her into the world of mini critters, I am using different tools such as reading books that have insect characters, drawing and flashcards. So far this week, I have tried to incorporate the theme in everything we do.

After a gruelling search online, I came up with a few great resources for us and potentially for you!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eloise’s favourite book this week!

Mini Beasts Flash Cards

Insect Action Cards & More!

Bug Pack

Insect Printables – this includes crafts, colouring sheets and a whole lot more!

Nat Geo Kids – Videos (check to make sure you’re happy with them before letting your kids watch them)

I think there’s enough here to use for the week. If you can think of anything else I can add to it, please comment below!

My printer is currently running some flashcards, colouring pages and a memory game!

Have fun guys, and stay safe!

xoxo Blogger Mummy

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