Free Online Games For Kids

Free Online Games For Kids

Looking for some online games to keep your kiddos busy for a few minutes? Fear not, here's a list of games that your children may enjoy! Some of the links below also have extra activities on them! Dress Up Games Barbie - Great collection of games for all ages CBeebies CBBC [...]

Tide Pod Challenge

Have you been watching the news over the past few days? I first came across this new craze on Twitter and I kid you not, I felt my lunch come up immediately at the thought of teens or anyone for that matter, eating... detergent. Yes, you read that right, detergent. Maybe these kids think they [...]

January Sales!

Happy New Year! As we all try to recover from the jollies of Christmas, we make sure we stretch every pound as far as we can. Well, I certainly do. Luckily, January is a month full of sales! Whether you're looking for bargains to stock up on food or your wardrobe, there is a sale out [...]

Lactation Cookies and much more! Breastfeeding secrets.

If you read my previous post Reality of Breastfeeding, then you probably know how much breastfeeding has meant to me from the beginning. I am pleased to inform all you lovely people that I was breastfeeding from the moment Eloise was born! She even latched on perfectly the first time! Okay, I did ask for help [...]