Is it possible to not offend people?

Lately, I’ve had my hands full with my little girl and charity work. Even then, I have made my regular rounds on the usual social media channels and am saddened to see the same trend everywhere. Whether it’s YouTubers getting hate comments or your own friends picking on you for something you said. It’s so fucking (yes, I swear) difficult to do anything without upsetting someone.

Take for example, I posted a status on Facebook about me being scared of using hair clips on my 8 month old daughter. This was after reading stories from parents and grandparents about their little ones pulling the hair clip and putting it in their mouths. Resulting in choking and in some cases, suffocation. Quite common with teething babies, learning and exploring.

Let me get this straight, this was a post about MY worries and was supposed to be a little thought/worry I wanted to share with my friends. At no point did I mention that anyone who has used or will use hair clips is wrong. Well guess what? It obviously got someone’s knickers in a twist. Didn’t it? I ended up getting lectured on how THEIR children have had hair clips and it’s been perfectly fine. Also, how we now live in a world where everything is thrown out of proportion. Again, as polite as I was, I said I was pleased for them and their children but reminded them this was a personal choice. That must have twisted them even further, because I received another long comment with a whole bunch of dots(…) and other stuff. In the end I just deleted their comments and mine. Haven’t got time for that shit. Really.

On a similar note, I do my very best to be as honest as I possibly can be. Sometimes, people scare me because of the way they dramatise everything I say and I end up thinking a million times before saying anything. Even then, I end up offending or upsetting people without saying a word. I could be tired or quiet and that will upset somebody. Fuck my life. 😑 Obviously, This doesn’t help my anxiety and depression. I recognise that dishonest people are a trigger for me and the impact lasts a few days… I’ll write a different post on mental health and how people treat you negatively. Sometimes, without even realising it.

I personally find it so much easier to be around people who don’t think they have to walk on egg shells around me. It makes me extremely uncomfortable when people aren’t saying what they want or how they feel clearly, using simple words. I wish was clairvoyant, but I am not. I know, thats difficult for some people to talk about emotions due to medical conditions and I can understand that.

For now, I need to be careful. Maybe someday I can feel comfortable being myself with everyone. Right now, I still need to learn how to say nothing. At the risk of my silence being take as ‘something is wrong’.

What about you guys? Do you guys find it difficult to say what you want because it will offend someone? Even if you use the nicest words possible?

It won’t be long till someone reads this post and gets offended by it. So here’s a disclaimer: This is my blog and a place where I talk about the things that matter to me. Unless I use your specific name, please don’t associate anything I say as a dig at you.

Take a breather, have some water and chill.

Spread love 💖

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