Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! I am thankful to finally be able to celebrate this very special day 💕 Although, so far it’s been just like any other Sunday. Maybe when my daughter is older, it will be different 🙂

Being a mother is great! By all means, it’s not an easy job to carry a human being inside your own body and bring them safe and sound into this world. Or to operate like a normal human being with barely an hour’s sleep. But, we do it and we do it the best way we can. Because we love our children. The kind of love you only feel for your child. The kind that makes you stop breathing when your child is hurt or turn into a ferocious beast when they need defending. It truly is an amazing feeling. Which is why all our hard work is worth it for our babies ❤


So whether you’re enjoying a peaceful day having a nice massage somewhere or covered in diapers, know that you’re loved. That you are doing a great job in raising a human being.


I would like to a take a moment and send my love to all the Foster mums, the adopted mums, the step mums, etc. We all work towards the same goal, to raise happy and healthy children. Thank you, for working hard to shape the next generation.

A very special thank you to my mum, for always putting the needs of her children before her own. Thank you, mum, I love you.


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