Mental Health Awareness Day

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day. Some of you might have seen the media coverage of how important this day is. Not just for individuals dealing with mental health issues, but for everyone else as well. Every single one of us has had to deal with a mental health issue at some point in their life. Whether it’s stress from work, depression or a range of other issues, we’ve all been there or will be there at some point.

I was planning on posting something about my own journey with PTSD, yesterday. However, I thought I would hold fire and wait till today. I was recently told I am in recovery. It took a long time for me to get here and with very little support. I’m happy though, I look back at how far I’ve come on this long road of self healing and it makes me feel proud of myself. If you’re going through something, I know it’s lonely. I know it’s hard and I know how frightening it is. Know you will make through it. One day, somehow, you will do it. Have faith in yourself. Because I have faith in you.

Things have changed a lot in the last 10 years. People talk about real life issues more openly now, they take a moment to learn. Of course, this can’t be said for everyone. There are still people out there that are dismissive of how you feel. You may open up to them in hopes that they will listen and try to feel what you feel. Instead, you are judged. Or they’ll listen to respond and not to understand. When what you really need, is someone to hold onto. Someone to care, someone to just be there for you. To tell you that it will be okay. Not compare you with someone else and how everyone else has issues too. It’s hard for them to look past their own selves and understand others.

Today, I want everyone to know a few simple things you can do for others. Not just for people with mental health issues, but for everyone.

1. Listen to understand and not to respond.

2. Take a moment to really put yourself in their shoes and feel what it’s like for them.

3. Don’t be dismissive of their feelings and thoughts. They trust you enough to share, so take a moment to care.

4. Educate yourself.

5. Be kind, be warm.

6. Accept that everyone is different and that everyone has their own way of doing things.

7. Realise that words have weight, and they can really upset someone.

8. Be respectful.

9. Don’t judge and don’t compare.

10. Most importantly, be loving.

I hope you find this post useful. Share it with people you know and don’t be afraid to talk about mental health. Raise awareness, because it’s important. Good luck on your journey ❣️

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